Young Farmers

The Young Farmers

Jono Rogers is a dairy farmer who loves his cows.  He can recognise them all, name them and tell probably  what  teach invdividual cow has  been eating that day.  He is dedicated to  improving and building the genetics of his pedigree dairy herd.  Ever the optimist, he nevertheless  faces a constant threat from bovine TB.

Jenny Layton is one of the few female livestock auctioneers in the UK.  A passionate advocate of local livestock markets, she  loves the buzz and  atmosphere of her own Knighton Market but at weekeneds finds the peace of her father's traditional farm a soothing antidote to the working week.

Russell Carrington has pursued a career as an engineer because the family farm can't support two generations, but he doesn't want to lose his connection to farming.  Sustainable agriculture is central to his concerns.  He decides to go on around-the-world trip to explore different kinds of farming and engineering and think about his options in life. How will his round-the-world trip affect his career choice?

Graham Richards' family farms one of Herefordshire's most isolated farms in the breathtaking landscape under the Black Hill. Steeped in traditions of 'the Hill', the family braves all weather and a tough landscape.  They take it in their stride however,  and Graham is doing what he loves in a place he loves.

Richard Thomas shares responsibilities with his father on a traditional mixed farm, balancing environmental and financial considerations. He has declared that he is 'on a one mission to show not all farmers are bad'.  He would love to see the consumer connecting more with the source of the food they eat.

Ben Pritchard is one of three sons on a small family farm in the Olchon Valley.  Along with the other members of the family, he works off the farm.  Often rising at 4:00 am to go to work on a local dairy farm, he finds the early morning the most peaceful time of the day.  The whole family works together on their hobby of breeding show cattle which they show at the summer and winter stock shows at Builth Wells.

Christine Hope re-opened the village shop in Longtown when it had closed down and it is now a thriving centre of the local community.  She sees local shops, along with the pub and primary school as crucial to the life of rural communities.  An advocate of local produce, she is nevertheless willing to ask difficult questions about some oft-accepted truths regarding rural issues.

Fay Thomas is from a close farming family and although her heart is in farming, she is studying floristry as her mother thinks that she should add 'another string to her bow'.  She opines, that in uncertain times, farming may not be be able to provide Fay with a living, although the family is diversifying to bring in extra income to let the girls remain on the farm.